Kylie Jenner LIP KIT

Over on my YouTube channel, I have done a first impressions and swatches video on the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits.

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Giorgio Armani “Maestro Glow” Foundation Review..

The other week whilst in John Lewis in Milton Keynes, I popped by the Giorgio Armani counter to pick up another Illuminious Silk foundation in a lighter shade, ¬†as mine was too dark for my skin as I was wearing tan when I purchased my last bottle. The young girl was ever so nice, and talked to me about my skin, what I like to achieve in foundations and recommended their new foundation “Maestro Glow”.

It sounded fabulous, exactly what I needed and she sold it to me. I tried it twice, however it wasn’t quite right for me. I had the foundation in shade 5.

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How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning our makeup brushes is one of those annoying things we have to do, but a must. Makeup brushes surprisingly hold so much bacteria and ideally should be cleaned weekly if you wear makeup everyday, and fortnightly if only a few times a week – the thought of thousands of bacteria being spread around my face every time I apply makeup makes me cringe!

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