My names Jodi, I’m 24 and I’m an aspiring blogger. I created this blog back in August 2015 as I wanted my own little space to share photos and stories of my travels, beauty, style and love of baking.

After years of being a follower of fashion and beauty bloggers, I decided to join in of the amazing blogging world. I want to write about things I’m passionate about, which include: beauty, style, baking, motorsport. I’m quite the girly girl, but I’ve always had a “quirky edge” so I’ve been told.

There is also a sentimental part of having a blog, it is like an online memory box, where you store posts and experiences, then in years to come you can look back and relive that moment purely from one photo. Hopefully when I’m a little old lady I can look back at the amazing experiences, and maybe I will be embarrassed by something I wear.. but that’s the joy!

I love meeting new people, and reading other peoples experiences and photos. I hope you enjoy my blog too!

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram too!

-Jodi xo


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