OGX Coconut Milk Review

I have been recently trying out the OGX Coconut Milk shampoo and conditioner. I am one of these that does change their shampoo and conditioner often, mainly because I’ve never found that ‘wow’ product yet that does wonders for my hair.

I saw lots of reviews on how brilliant the OGX range is, especially their coconut and aragon oil ranges were, so I thought I would give it a go! I have been using the products for just over 2 months now. I wash my hair around 3 times a week, unless there is a special occasion then perhaps it’ll stretch to 4.

I picked the Coconut Milk one as  from the description on the bottle, it sounded just what I needed.

“Indulge your senses with the exclusive blend of coconut milk to nourish your hair, while ultra whipped egg white proteins help add strength and elasticity, along with weightless coconut oils for hydration and balance.”

Shampoo: the scent is absolutely incredible, the minute you open the bottle it is enriched with tropical fragrance which lasts in your hair for days. I was really impressed with the formula of this shampoo, as some I find you need to squeeze a lot into your hand to get it to lather up, whereas this – you only needed a small 10p coin size and its lathered up a treat! It left my hair feeling so silky and the small was just divine!

Conditioner: after a few uses, I found with the design of the bottle I struggled to get the conditioner out of the bottle easily, I had to take off the cap and shake it out, sometimes squeezing it against the side of the bath to get any out. Once the conditioner was in my hair, it made it feel silky smooth, but once it had been washed out – and thoroughly, my hair felt quite dry and coarse. A few weeks in, my hair felt so dry and limp that I had to put a treatment on, something that only normally happens when I’ve been swimming or in the ocean. Maybe the formula has changed recently as I have noticed since I purchased the two products that the packaging as changed slightly.

To sum up: I’m going to try another OGX shampoo and conditioner, as much as I love the scent of coconut, I’m beginning to think maybe it’s not the right ingredients for my hair. I would definitely buy the shampoo again, but I wouldn’t buy the conditioner.

OGX Coconut Milk Shampoo
OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner

– Jodi xo


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