Bowie Wins!

Hi Guys!

So today I have done my very first vlog! I thought I would bring you all along on my day to Coombe Abbey to the Royal Canin Awards Lunch, where they were celebrating the hard work and dedication that has gone into helping increase their pets life and well being.

Bowie’s journey..

Back in May 2015, Bowie became quite unwell and we was given a big shock to find out my little baby was majorly overweight and risked his life being cut short. He was suffering with seizures and difficulty breathing, which was heartbreaking to both witness but also know you couldn’t help him come through it apart from remaining calm and trying to keep him calm. And thankfully, our new vet came to the rescue and put Bowie on strict diet with special food and he lost over 15% of his body weight in 6 months… Yes! 6 months!! He also lost an incredible 15cm from around his waist. He had been on a diet for many years, our previous vets put him on a diet, but he didn’t seem to loose any weight and to be quite honest, they didn’t seem to care in looking deeper into why he wasn’t loosing weight. I changed his vets to his current one after he went through a bad experience with the vets, and I was determined not to let him down. I was going to get him the help he needed.

Being a Pug, they are prone to be quite chunky dogs, they store a lot of fat in their bodies and they eat food like it’s going to be their last ever meal, so trying to get Bowie on a  diet was a hard one. He threw strops and tantrums like he was a little child. He would kick his bowl around, tip it upside down and kick at the cupboard where his food was stored. Even now, he is still throwing those tantrums around like a little child, but thats just his nature, he’s always hungry!

Since his weight loss, I have to say – Bowie is a changed dog. He has so much more energy, his breathing has improved impeccably, and he is like a puppy again. We are able to take him on car journeys without him having a fit, he can go on longer walks, he only pants when it’s really hot weather, and *touch wood* he’s only had one minor seizure recently, but even then it was shorter, he recovered quicker, and less complications happened.. If that can make any sense without going into detail!

I would like to thank Bowie’s Veterinary nurse Claire for her ongoing support, and also everyone around us who has helped not give in to his super adorable, pleading eyes to give him more food!

The competition was run by Royal Canin, and ‘Healthy Weight’ National competition for pets, where there was 360+ entries, and they had to narrow it down to 6 categories. It was open for both dogs and cats. Hearing the pets and owners stories who had won the other categories was amazing, the hard work and dedication that owners have put on and changed their pets lives is just incredible. The one thing I’m sure every pet owner will agree with me on, is pets aren’t just a “pet”, they’re part of your family, they can be your child, a sibling, or a companion. I would be lost without a dog, I’ve never gone a year of my life without a dog, and each one I have grown up with as been an incredibly huge part of my life. And Bowie, well… this face says it all! He’s my child, my baby, and my love.

Bowie won the ‘Best Starter’ category!
We all attended the day to find out who was the big winner – watch the vlog and find out! I will leave a link here



– Jodi xo


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