Giorgio Armani “Maestro Glow” Foundation Review..

The other week whilst in John Lewis in Milton Keynes, I popped by the Giorgio Armani counter to pick up another Illuminious Silk foundation in a lighter shade,  as mine was too dark for my skin as I was wearing tan when I purchased my last bottle. The young girl was ever so nice, and talked to me about my skin, what I like to achieve in foundations and recommended their new foundation “Maestro Glow”.

It sounded fabulous, exactly what I needed and she sold it to me. I tried it twice, however it wasn’t quite right for me. I had the foundation in shade 5.

The foundation is made with no water, but nourishing oils. Having quite dry skin, I often struggle to find a foundation that won’t highlight my dry areas, no matter how much moisturiser or primer I put on beforehand.

It’s very lightweight in texture, and it glides so nicely onto the skin, however I found it quite hard to blend onto my skin once applied. I used a Real Techniques “Expert Face Brush”  to apply, my usual foundation brush, and I found it made the foundation extremely streaky, it took a lot a lot of blending to make it look like skin. Whether that was my brush or the foundation I’m not too sure, but using the brush with my previous foundations I never had this problem.

The applicator is a small pipette, which was a little strange to begin with, but it did give you the right amount for a whole face coverage. I would say the coverage of the foundation is light to medium, but definitely build able. After I finally got the foundation blended, I could build on the areas that needed more, but it did take a while to blend those in afterwards too.

Now lets talk about the glow… Well, it definitely does that! I tried the foundation both times one without a primer, and one with the primer, and both times my skin looked so glowing like I had just been on a majestical holiday in some sunny resort.

I noticed after about an hour of the foundation being on my skin, that my dry areas and blemishes were being highlighted. Even with concealer and powder on top of those areas, they were glowing more than my highlighter, which made me very self conscious.

I love Giorgio Armani Beauty, it has become one of my absolute favourite brands over the past year, but this foundation left me feeling a little bit sad – it just wasn’t made for me, and being £40 too, it was too expensive not to be right. I think if you have completely flawless, perfect skin, it would work really well. But if you have your photo taken often, have oily skin, or even dry skin.. I think you’ve got to have just the right kind of skin to make this foundation work to it’s full potential.

– Jodi xo


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