Delicious & Easy Gluten Free Pancakes

With Shrove Tuesday coming up (Happy Pancake Day!), pancakes have always been a favourite of mine ever since I was a child, smothering them in syrup and sugar. I have now learnt a super easy way to make pancakes, but also not upset my body with ingredients that react badly to my insides. If you ever feel bloated after you have eaten pancakes, these recipes are ones to try! They are light and fluffy, but so delicate on your sensitive tummy. I have found two ways to make super delicious but easy pancakes.

Make your own: 

200g Doves Farm Plain Flour
1tbsp baking powder
2 eggs
500ml milk

(I use skimmed milk with my pancakes, but you can use almond milk or another milk substitute if you prefer. For an egg substitute, Doves Farm recommend chickpea flour and water, however I have yet to try this.)

Place the plain flour, baking powder and eggs into a mixing bowl, gradually adding the milk. Mix until a smooth thick mixture has been made, then add the remainder of the milk.. I tend to use an electric whisk as my arms aren’t strong enough to hand whisk, but this is purely preferable! I keep mine in the fridge for about an hour, allowing it to rest.

Once the hour is up, I add 1 tbsp of sunflower oil to a pan, rolling it around so it covers every corner of the pan and put to a high heat.

Give the mixture a stir after you’ve taken it out of the fridge. Depending on how thick you like your pancakes, you can either do these thin or thicker style pancakes, rolling the mixture around the pan to spread it out. I tend to leave about 5cm around the pan so it is easier to get your pancake spatula under the pancake ready to flip.

Cook until golden brown on the base, and flip onto the other side – and if you’re feeling brave, toss in the pan!

Sachet mix:

I have tried several gluten-free batter mixes, and only one has impressed me so far. Some turn into concrete, where they become so thick you could possibly lay some bricks with it. However, my favourite has to be Isabel’s Naturally Free From Yorkshire Pudding Mix. Yes, it says Yorkshire Pudding mix, but if you add a bit more milk than the recipe states for the Yorkshire Puddings and mix thoroughly, they produce amazing, fluffy pancakes.

It is so easy to prepare all you need is:

100g Isabel’s Yorkshire Pudding Mix
350ml Milk (or chosen milk substitute)
2 large eggs

Follow the same procedure as above, however these won’t be needing to sit in the fridge for an hour. They don’t take long to cook at all, so you must watch them at all times! As soon as the sides are no longer runny, it will be about time to turn onto the other side. I cook them on each side twice, allowing it to cook through but not burn.

My favourite toppings are melting Cadbury’s Dairy Milk in a jug in some boiling water, but don’t fill your saucepan with too much water as if the water splashes it will ruin your chocolate sauce! Add 1tbsp onto my pancake, and even some chopped strawberries. Delicious!

Let me know your favourite pancake toppings 🙂

-Jodi xo

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