How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Cleaning our makeup brushes is one of those annoying things we have to do, but a must. Makeup brushes surprisingly hold so much bacteria and ideally should be cleaned weekly if you wear makeup everyday, and fortnightly if only a few times a week – the thought of thousands of bacteria being spread around my face every time I apply makeup makes me cringe!

How to tell when your makeup brushes need cleaning? When you start trying to apply foundation and it goes streaky, or you can’t blend your eyeshadow very well without it going up past your eyebrow.

I have used both Mac Cosmetics brush cleaner and also cheaper altnernatives such as a cleansing shampoo, but more recently I have been using a Simple anti bacterial hand soap. I like to think the anti bacterial in the hand soap removes all the bacteria but also leaves the brushes feeling silky smooth.

To do this I simply run the brush under the tap (being careful not to go above the middle of the bristles as that can cause the glue to dissolve)

I use half a pump of hand soap and swirl the brush in my palm in little circles to work the soap in, but only lightly so it’s only the tip of the brush.

Rinse the excess liquid out of your hand before repeating the circling in your palm to remove any more excess. (Be sure to keep turning your tap off! Don’t want to waste water!)

Once you have the majority of the makeup out, rinse under the tap to remove any lingering.

Leave to dry with the brush pointing downwards, allowing the water to drip in the opposite direction from the handle. If you don’t have any way to place the brushes upside down, use some kitchen roll and angle the brushes, propping them up with something under the handle.

And there you go! Clean brushes ready to recreate more makeup tutorials! If you are lucky enough to own several makeup brushes, then you would only have to do a deep clean every now and again, but if you have problematic skin or prone to blemishes or acne, I would recommend cleaning them quite frequently.

If you have any go-to makeup cleansers, let me know in the comments!

(Brushes featured: Real Techniques, MAC Cosmetics)

-Jodi xo

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