My 5 Favourite Essie Polishes..


My nail polish collection has grown quite rapidly over the past 18 months, to the point I have to clear out some old ones soon! I discovered Essie around 2 years ago, and I was instantly impressed as I had tried several brands and they all chipped so quickly or the colours weren’t very vivid. I bought a base coat and top coat on my first purchase as I had heard so many good things about them making your nails strong and polish chip-free for weeks: it did just that! I was amazed that I finally had long nails again, and the fact I didn’t have to paint them every other day.

I find Essie nail polishes have a really nice opacity, and they apply well on my nails without very little mess (and trust me, I normally get the polish all over my skin too!) I have tried several nail polish brands, high-end and drug store, and I found even the most expensive polishes (I’m talking £20+) were very disappointing, they chipped within 24 hours of application and they were very streaky, meaning several coats to make them a solid colour.

'No Chips" & "Grow Stronger"

‘No Chips Ahead” & “Help Me Grow”

As you can see, my base coat and top coat have been very well-loved – also the shade ‘Russian ‘Roulette’. I find reds such a classic colour to wear and stand out with any outfit, it’s definitely my go-to nail colour. I always tend to like darker coloured nails, as I’m yet to find a good nude colour that suits my skin tone being so pale!

"Russian Roulette"

“Russian Roulette”

“Angora Cardi”



“Bahama Mama”

As my collection grows, I will share any shades I fall in love with. If you can recommend any Essie nail polishes, please let me know in the comments!

You can buy them here:

Essie Help Me Grow Base Coat: £8.99 Boots
Essie No Chips Ahead Top Coat: £8.99 Boots
Essie Russian Roulette Nail Polish: £7.99 Boots
Essie Bahama Mama Nail Polish: £7.99 Boots
Essie Watermelon Nail Polish: £7.99 Boots
Essie Chinchilly Nail Polish: £7.99 Boots
Essie Angora Cardi Nail Polish: £7.99 Boots

-Jodi xo

7 thoughts on “My 5 Favourite Essie Polishes..

  1. Romanee_B says:

    I need to buy a new base coat, I never really thought about buying the Essie brand. But if it made your nails stronger, it will probably work on mine too 😉 And I really need it !!! Would you recommend to use both the base and top coat for a better result? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • jodihook says:

      Omg yes!! It transformed my nails so much! Since I’ve been using both I’ve finally been able to grow my nails without them snapping. I do one coat of the base, allow to dry thoroughly then two coats of colour, allow to dry properly then top coat. It’s so good!


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