My New Years Resolutions..

New Years Resolutions are those where you want to change, but you have to get that drive to change. I have often made resolutions and within days, they have been forgotten about and I’m back to my old ways – this year I wanted to change that.

This year I decided to be more realistic, so I thought I would share these with you. Let me know if you make any!

My 2016 resolutions:

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

I started a bit before 2016 began, and on 21st December I joined Slimming World. I have been to the gym before and I became so obsessed it was unhealthy. My aunt joined Slimming World in the summer and had such a positive result, I decided I would join also. I didn’t want to be on a strict diet, I find it gets so boring then I binge eat on the things I’m not supposed too because I’m craving them so much, whereas on Slimming World it’s all about moderation. I can still enjoy the foods I like, just not all the time!

Blog more:

I started this blog in June 2015, I had drafts along with even more drafts saved. I follow several bloggers and I love the concept and idea of having your own little personal space on the world wide web that I wanted a place of my own. It’s still in the early stages, but I will continue to work hard and hope more people will enjoy visiting my blog! 🙂

Get fit:

I have to admit, I’m not the fittest person around. I have injuries which affect me from working out to my fullest potential, I’m fine with cardio, I could go on a treadmill for hours but when it comes to resistance training I’m always in agony. Back in the summer I purchased Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. Seeing the transformations of new mothers, and other girls all shapes and sizes transforming their bodies was incredible, and I thought if they can do it – I can! I done about 3 weeks before my holiday last year then got out of the routine, so this was the perfect time to start again!

Get featured on Kayla Itsines transformations:

Kind of linked to the one above! If I have that target in my head, I won’t give up!

See Bryan Adams in Concert:

Bryan Adams has been one of my favourites for such a long time, and he’s coming over to tour here in April! I wasn’t lucky enough to get tickets when they were released but I’m constantly on the eye out for some. Fingers crossed!


I would like to travel to more places, but it is hard with both my own, and my boyfriends jobs to know when exactly we will both have free time. So keep posted, there may be some last minute trips up our sleeves to some exciting places!

Let me know if you have made any New Years Resolutions! I would love to hear them.

-Jodi xo

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