A Look Back on 2015

2015 was full of many incredible moments. I conquered some fears (which should always happen at least once a year I think!), visited some beautiful places, made some amazing new friends and feel like I have grown within myself.

January saw me take an big step and work towards the job I always wanted – a job in Motorsport. I knew I didn’t have technical skills such as a mechanic, but I knew I had skills which would benefit a team that needs key organisation – as I have to admit, I’m quite OCD when it comes to organisation! So I left my job as a hairdresser, and joined a Historic Motorsport team which has now become my second family. Having a job where you enjoy waking up everyday to go to work is so important, you spend so long in a workplace that getting along with your workforce is so crucial. I’m very lucky in the fact my manager doesn’t feel like a manager, he’s more like a very good friend!

We visited Barcelona in February, it was a little surprise trip for L as part of his Christmas and birthday gift. Even though the weather let us down 3 out of the 4 days we were there, we still managed to have a wonderful time exploring. Being in an incredibly hectic job like he is, sometimes those downtime days you get you really appreciate to unwind and destress. Most of us would love to be able to travel every other weekend to another fun country, whereas 80% of the time, L just appreciates being home for the weekend! So, before all the busy season started, we sneaked off for a relaxing long weekend in Barcelona, a city we both love and enjoy exploring.

April was a very busy month. I was at Donington Park race circuit for 3 weekends.. I know right, crazy! First was the British Superbikes, then British Touring Cars, then it was my first works race of the season at the Donington Historic Festival. But in-between all of that, I went to Silverstone for World Endurance Championship and I flew over to Madrid, Spain and drove 3 and a half hours to Motorland, Aragon, for the first of World Series by Renault where L’s first race weekend was being held. It was also the first time in 6 years I had missed Bowie’s birthday, which I felt so awful about! But me and L celebrated his birthday when we both got home, he was very forgiving when it came to giving him some treats – that boy will do anything for food!

May was a quieter month, we only had one race weekend with work and that was at my local circuit of Silverstone. It’s amazing how refreshing it can feel when you only have to go 15 minutes down the road! Luckily the weather was beautiful! Silverstone can be a wonderful place as long as the weather is good.

June came and went quite quickly. It’s the birthday central in our family as it was my Nans, my Dads and also mine! I got truly spoilt, I think it had to be one of the best birthday’s I’ve ever had. Birthday’s can feel like just another day when you get older, and turning 24 I thought it would be just that, but I was pleasantly surprised!

July was the big month for my works racing – Brands Hatch Super Prix and Silverstone Classic, and the month I also had the pleasure of meeting Paul Hollywood! Every one knows him from The Great British Bake Off, and he was our celebrity driver for the race. Sometimes you can meet ‘celebrities’ and they become un-human – Paul was the very opposite. I had never really known of him before the weekend, and from then I became hooked on the baking extravaganza! Silverstone Classic was the last race of the month, which was a huge event over three days where all kinds of cars from all different eras came together. I was lucky enough to have L working alongside me that weekend as a helping hand, which definitely helped on the Sunday where the race almost got called off due to heavy rain!

August: the first holiday I had in YEARS which didn’t involve motor racing. I love motor racing, it’s been a passion of mine since a very young age, but I had forgotten what it was like to go on holiday where there was no race circuits, and to enjoy the beach, the sunshine, the swimming pools and exploring. We went to Lanzarote, which I cannot recommend enough! It was a beautiful island, and being a bit of a nature geek that I am, I was fascinated by the volcanos, and how the island was formed. We stayed in a  resort next to the beach called Hotel Timanfaya Palace, an all adults resort full of fun activities and in an incredible location. Spending days snorkelling, hiring electric scooters to explore Playa Blanca and going on a catamaran to play out on jet ski’s!

In September, it was quite a manic one from getting off holiday and within 2 days it was back to the busy lifestyle of L coming home at 2am from work due to rebuilding cars. Luckily, they were racing at Silverstone, which meant I could go along with both our families, catch up with lots of friends but didn’t have to drive hours home to get back warm.. Although it wasn’t so lucky for L, which you can read here. At the end of the month, I then spontaneously decided to drive 10+ hours to Le Mans in France – you can read all about my antics here.

October was the big milestone in my life, me and L got our first house! I had never lived away from home before, so buying house things was so exciting. L was away for 3 weeks in a row, which made it hard as I had to make decisions on my own (which is very hard as I’m the most indecisive person ever!) but we moved in, and made it ours! I did get quite homesick within the first two weeks, being away from my parents was harder than I imagined. You don’t realise how much your parents do for you until you have to do it all by yourself, but I may do a post on how to battle living without your parents another time! It made me grow up and finally feel more like an adult, learning to cook was the biggest task.

November was our one year anniversary, and we celebrated in style with a champagne experience on the London Eye! If you ever get the chance to go on the London Eye, I highly recommend it. You can see London in a whole new light, it’s truly spectacular. We also had the Jaguar Heritage Awards dinner that evening with my team at the Shakepears Globe. I had never been to a black tie event before, the dressing up and atmosphere was incredible!

December is always exciting, I’m quite a big kid at heart still so anything to do with Christmas always makes me happy! Also being our first Christmas in our new house was very magical, choosing your own Christmas decorations is so much fun. I was quite organised this year and got pretty much all of my Christmas shopping done by the start of December, and wrapped and under the tree by the second week! I told you I was quite OCD with the organisation huh?!

I also conquered my fear of cats. Some of you will be thinking, ‘why on earth are you scared of cats?!’.. Well, I was once attacked by a cat when I was about 6 years old and from then, I got this fear that all cats were going to attack me. It has taken me 18 years to beat this fear, but I’ve got there! L’s parents got this beautiful cat from the Cats Protection in Derby, and when I first met her I realised she was as scared as me as I was scared of her! And now, 6 months down the line, I can lay on the floor with her and she just falls asleep right next to me whilst I’m stroking her little furry head.

With that special moment in mind, it is great to look back on this year and remember all the fantastic moments that I will treasure forever, as there was many, many more than I just listed but I would be here for a very long time if I was to list them all. I would like to give a special thank you to those who have been a part of my wonderful year, and made it one to remember.

I hope 2016 brings all of you a bundle of joy, happiness, health and memories to cherish forever.

-Jodi xo

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