Getting a Pug…

People often ask me for advice when they are interested in getting a pug – where to go, what to look for,  what to ask etc.. There is a lot of things to look for when getting any breed of dog, not just a Pug puppy.  Research is key when getting a dog, especially a puppy as they take a lot of time and patience.

When I decided to get Bowie, I took about 6 months of research. I knew I so desperately wanted a pug ,  but would a pug suit me? I decided to go to Crufts in March 2009, where I met with the Pug Owners Club, and asked them a lot of questions, they provided me with knowledge and information to move on with my search to find my fur baby. It wasn’t until May 2009 when I found a breeder in Cambridgeshire, and then I found my beloved Bowie.

What to do when looking for a puppy:

  • Read through the Kennel Club website, they provide information on every breed
  • Do research on the breed on search engines – particular breed clubs/existing breeders
  • Use Kennel Club’s ‘Find a Puppy’ search for any breeders in your local area
  • Will your lifestyle suit that breed? Do they need a lot of walking? Do they take hours grooming? Is your living conditions suitable for a dog?
  • Look into any underlying health conditions that are prone to the breed – could you cope? Dogs are for life! In sickness and in health.
  • Make sure you see the father and mother of the puppy, their living conditions and any other animals they are with.
  • Ask the breeders if there is any health conditions that may be hereditary.
  • Can you afford a dog? It’s not just feeding the dog, it’s their annual vaccinations, bedding, toys, teeth care, grooming, food, insurance etc.

I may have missed some points, but those are the general ones to cover. If you have a gut feeling something isn’t right, chances are it isn’t.

Bowie was the perfect breed for me, he’s very loyal and affectionate. Pugs are known to be perfect for ‘old ladies’ as they are quite clingy, he doesn’t walk very far before he gets worn out and he doesn’t take much grooming. Bowie did however, take a lot  of patience during training.. It’s true when they say pugs are stubborn!! But his personality outweighs all of the little niggles he caused, peeing up the curtains and pooping on the carpet, he makes us laugh all the time, and his obsession with the television is quite hilarious! It’s also true when they say Pugs are the clingest dogs ever, they become your shadow and follow your every move.. Don’t think you’ll be able to shower alone, they’ll be there waiting and watching!

If you are looking at getting a pug, please check all of the above – if they are the right breed, you will have a loving companion for many, many years to come. I wouldn’t be without Bowie, he is like my child.

-Jodi xo

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