Roadtrip to Le Mans..


At the weekend, I had one of those spontaneous moments and decided it would be a great idea to travel 10+ hours overnight to Le Mans, France. The first question you ask is, why?! Well.. I wanted to surprise L at work, and because well… it’s Le Mans!

It was a few first’s for me – my first overseas road trip, first time on a ferry, and first time to mainland France. It was absolutely exhausting, but it was an incredible weekend as I got to see Ben win a race!

We were so lucky that the weather held out for us. Whenever I’ve watched Le Mans on the tv, it’s always been gloomy or wet, so seeing the sun shine was a great surprise! There is so much heritage at the circuit, you could feel it as soon as you arrived. I was lucky  enough to be given a once in a life time chance to have a passenger experience around the circuit at the end of the day. Even though it was quite hard to fully enjoy the experience as we were all given one size fits all helmets, so my small head didn’t really fit in a large helmet! Almost knocking L out every time we went around a corner, but the adrenaline you get from just being in the passenger seat was quite surreal!

One of our friends also got crowned Formula Renault 3.5 Champion on the weekend also which was fantastic to see! The hard work and determination both Oli and the team put in, it is always great to see the outcome they all deserved.

Race weekends are always get hectic, as normally there is so many people to see but this weekend was nice to be able to fully enjoy the race weekend!


-Jodi xo

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